3 Rules That’ll Help You Maintain Your Gardening Equipment

Good tools can be quite expensive, but if you take good care of them, they’ll return the favor. Keeping your tools properly stored, cleaned, and maintained will save you time and money.

Rule 1: Store Your Tools Properly!

Keep your tools in a dry place. It seems obvious, but garages and basements and other enclosed spaces can have humidity issues. If you keep your tools in a location like this, especially if you keep them out on shelves, consider making sure that there’s sufficient ventilation so your tools stay dry.

Hang your garden tools. Even if you keep your garden tools inside the garage or your shed, hang them so that they aren’t on the floor. They could easily be exposed to water.

Store power tools in their original cases. That way they’ll be protected from humidity and cracking if they fall.

Use silica gel packs that come in lots of packaging. They’re great at keeping moisture at bay. Toss them in drawers or toolboxes and they can help keep rust away.

Rule 2: Clean Your Tools After Every Use!

You can clean most hand tools by simply wiping them down. If you have time, you can use soap to scrub them. Just dry them well afterwards.

You can clean garden tools in much the same way as hand tools. Scrub them if necessary, dry, and oil them up. For a quick way to clean, keep a bucket of rough sand mixed with a bit of oil. Just stab the tools into the bucket a few times to clean and oil them at the same time.

Power tools are a little trickier to clean. First make sure the tool is unplugged before you clean it. Then wipe down the surface of the tool and lubricate any moving parts. Machine oil is a fine choice for this, but you could also check the manual that came with the tool to see if they have better recommendations.

Don’t forget to clean the tool containers as well.

Rule 3: Inspect and Repair Your Tools

Taking the time to inspect your tools every time you use them is one of the most important things you can do to ensure not only your safety while using them, but the longevity of your tools as well.

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