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Advantages of Scaffolding

Scaffolding has been used in construction for many years, back in the ancient times when massive cities were built; scaffolding has been used on small to large construction jobs as a way for construction workers to get to hard to almost impossible places to complete the job at hand. Mainly why scaffolding has made it for so many years is because; it has more advantages to its users than disadvantages.

Scaffolding is basically used as a short-term structure that is built for use in construction for industrial, commercial or residential buildings. It allows the construction workers to conveniently work on a platform that can reach many meters high and yet be safe doing so. Scaffolding is necessary on many work sites, because a ladder cannot provide a platform nor is the stability of a tall ladder worth the risk of injuring your workers, if they were to claim a 30 story building.

In most countries scaffolding is made out of steel tubes or wood. In most Asian countries they still use the highly durable “Bamboo” as their preferred material for their scaffolding. This is mainly because bamboo is extremely cheap and light weight, and not forgetting that it can be found almost everywhere so when it comes to erecting the bamboo scaffolding, it is fast and simple.

When it comes to safety on a construction sites, scaffolding provides a lot of safety measures when working on tall buildings, with proper training for each employer on how to use the harness and safely work on.

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