Angle Grinders 101

Over the past couple of years, the small angle grinder has become one of the most versatile tools in a fabrication shop. The tool used to be considered bulky, heavy, and hard to operate, but a lot has changed. Power tool design engineers have worked hard to make angle grinders lighter, safer, more ergonomic, and more powerful. This is especially true for small angle grinders now offered with 12 amps or more of power, as well as for cordless versions that can deliver up to 100 amps with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery.

The design advances of today’s angle grinders have increased the number of jobs you can use them for.
Quality angle grinders usually have industry-standard safety features such as a toothless, easily positioned wheel guard that allows you to quickly reposition the guard rather than remove it completely. Safety slip clutches also are available on many industrial-grade angle grinders. The safety slip clutch helps to protect you from kickback should the wheel bind or catch.
All angle grinders are equipped with a side handle, which helps you to better control the tool while it is in operation, especially when using them for heavy grinding or cutting. Anti-vibration side handles and side handles that are offset from 90 degrees are safe, ergonomic, and allow you to work for long periods of time without draining your energy too much. By keeping two hands on the tool, not only will you work safer, but your work will be better quality too.
A Few Do’s and Don’ts’s Before Use:
• Visually inspect the tool and all wheels for possible damage before use.

• Check the mounting flanges for equal and correct diameter. They should be at least one-third the diameter of the wheel and relieved around the hole.

• Always use a safety guard that covers at least one-half of the grinding wheel.

• Run a newly mounted wheel at operating speed without proper use for at least one minute before grinding.

• Wear safety goggles or some sort of eye protection during grinding as your eyes can be badly affected by the sparks.

• Handle and store wheels carefully while avoiding dropping or bumping them.

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