Basic Safety When Using Power Tools

Following basic safety procedures when using power tools contributes to safer conditions for the machine or tool operator and provides cost savings for the fabrication shop through enhanced productivity and extended consumable life. Raising awareness of basic safety practices and thinking about safety before the job starts—and after the job is complete—can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace or home.

Basic Safety Practices:

  • Wear Proper Safety Gear – Most manufacturers’ tool and accessory instructions include specifications about the recommended safety equipment. In most situations, face and eye protection are the most common first level of protection when it comes to using power tools.
  • Keep Work Areas Clear of Clutter – This can help prevent accidental trips and falls in the workplace. In addition, doing so benefits your shop’s productivity when yourself or your employees don’t have to step over clutter or take the time to search for tools or accessories.
  • Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions Before Using the Tool – It’s imperative that you understand the basic safety information and proper usage of each tool or accessory. It is also a clever idea to read any material safety data sheets before using the tool to familiarize yourself with specific safety concerns and requirements for the tools being used.
  • Inspect the Tool or Accessory Each Time Before Use – While it sounds obvious, the simple act of a quick once-over inspection can help you to determine if anything is wrong with the tool or accessory, such as chips in the grinding wheel or a loose or broken cord on a power tool. This is an especially crucial step when multiple people use the same tools and accessories over the course of different work shifts in a business or construction project.
  • Choose the Right Equipment – Using the incorrect tool or brand for the job can create serious safety concerns as well as influencing the quality of your work. Be sure to hire and use quality recognized brands.

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