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Benefits of using a small concrete mixer

Small concrete mixer models are used at construction sites for getting into hard to reach areas and mixing cement or concrete. Concrete mixers can also be used for mixing different types of materials including gravel, sand and various entireties made from combinations of such elements. An average cement mixer model usually features a rotating cement mixing drum, with a small motor that rotates the cement mixer drum, and a handle that allows for the operator to tilt the position of the cement mixer drum to pour out the concrete that’s ready to be used.

The concrete mixer can either be stationary or mobile. It can be mounted on trailers or trucks for easy transportation. These machines make concrete mixing task easier and hassle free. Before purchasing or hiring one it is important to consider the power source, portability, the size of the cement mixer drum and maintenance requirements and maximum capacity of the drum.

There is wide range of small concrete mixer types on the market. With all these different types, purchasing or hiring the right small concrete mixer can be difficult. For instance, large construction work sites usually require a cement mixer mounted on a truck with a larger cement mixer drum for large amounts of concrete, while for small construction site repairs you can easily complete the project with a small cement mixer. Although concrete and cement can be mixed by hand, construction projects will be completed faster with a large or small cement mixer and deadline can be achieved.

Time Efficient – A reasonably important benefit of a small concrete mixer is that it can save a lot of time and labour effort. Even though small concrete mixer types feature small cement mixer drums, mixing concrete and cement by hand is hard labour and time consuming. This machine allows you to make better use of your time, and you can then focus on other aspects of the construction tasks.

Cost Efficient – The small concrete mixer can save you money because there is no need to hire more employees to mix the concrete by hand. Furthermore, you will save on material because only the right portions and amount of all concrete ingredients go into the concrete mixer drum. If you plan to use the small concrete mixer on a regular basis for your business for in instance, purchasing one is more convenient than hiring one. But if you need a concrete mixer for your home, there is no need to buy one when you can hire it at a fraction of the price to purchase.

At All Quip Hire we have quality concrete mixers that are regularly serviced and maintained in good condition at affordable hiring prices. We can assist you in making the right choice for the task or project at hand.

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