Tool Hire

The most ideal place to hire tools is from a specialist tool hire company if there is one in your area. The shop may be part of a nationwide chain of stores or just a local hardware company run by its owner. If you have a wide variety of shops, check their available equipment lists and hire charges carefully. A company in a nationwide chain will normally have far more tools and equipment for hire, but may not provide the individual service a small company is able to offer.

Remember that it is not only specialist in tool hire companies that can supply you with tools, many garden service, builder’s contractors and hardware stores also hire tools associated to their particular field. Inspect their tools and equipment list carefully and you may be able to find a larger range of equipment for the job or project you intend to work on, often at affordable prices. For larger projects, requiring trucks and massive machinery, you could try a plant hire company like All Quip Hire or a general building contractor.

One of the first things to consider when hiring tools and equipment is how much it is going to cost and the duration you may keep the equipment. Many equipment hiring companies have a particularly complex set of charges set in place when hiring, so make sure you understand the information before signing any hiring agreement contracts. Many tools are hired out at an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate, depending on the project at hand, so it is worth calculating and comparing hire charges by finding out for what time period you are likely to be charged.

The hiring company will always want you to leave a deposit on each item of equipment hired. This is to ensure that the tools and equipment is returned intact and in working order; you will lose some of the money if the equipment is damaged or has been misused in any way. The amount of deposit required will vary according to the value of the tool hired.

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