When renting handling equipment, either on the long or short-term, it is important to know what you are getting. Handling equipment can be expensive, especially if there are any complications, and what’s more, the safety of your operators and personnel is at stake. So, to help you make the right decision when it comes to lifting equipment hire, here are a few questions that you should have reliable answers for before putting any money down, or signing any contracts.


Do they Have What I Need or Do I Need to Settle for Stock?

Specialised tasks in your production processes require specialised machinery, and in more cases than not, having the wrong setup will cost you money, result in repairs, or could even elevate the risk of injury or death since machinery is not being used as intended. If the supplier you are looking at doesn’t have exactly what you need, then you should keep shopping around; especially if you consider the later need for spare parts and components.


Does the Supplier Provide Training?

Lifting machinery can be complicated to operate, and when done without the required knowledge and skill can lead to expensive damages or avoidable injuries in your workplace. Because of this, a responsible supplier should have training programmes that both you and your operators can attend to better familiarise themselves with the equipment you use.


What are Their Callout Policies for Repairs and Replacements?

Downtime can cost your business a substantial amount of money, which is why it is necessary to have a solution that provides immediate support in the event of equipment failure. You won’t have time to wait more than 24 hours for repairs or replacements when they are needed, since each hour of downtime is a certain amount of money lost. So be sure to go with a supplier that has a suitable policy with regards to callouts for repairs, maintenance and replacements.


How are My Risks Covered?

You also need to consider what costs you and your business will incur if there are any damages suffered to the equipment that you hire. Lifting and handling equipment can cost a fortune to replace when damages are done; so make sure that you are properly covered by the supplier, and under which conditions your coverage fails.


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