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How the Wheelbarrow Is Made and It’s Purpose

The wheelbarrow is a large to small load carrier, normally having only one central wheel, consisting of a tub fastened to the two handles and two legs below the tub. While commonly known as equipment for carrying small loads for the gardener, a wheelbarrow is often also used in construction industry and the mining industry for carrying debris and rubbish loads. The load would be placed in the tub behind the wheel, and the operator would than lift the heavy end and push the load forward in order to gain momentum. The older out dated wheelbarrow would use a small basket that would be used to carry the load, and if it was too much for one operator to handle a second operator could pull from the front, by using a rope.

The advantages of a wheelbarrow were that debris or rubbish could be lifted and carried close to the ground with minimal effort, as opposed to a two person handbarrow that needed carrying to be done at waist level which puts loads of strain on the shoulders. The wheelbarrow design allowed carrying a basket of goods that could be unloaded quickly and put back into action, although it was too cumbersome at this date to be emptied by simply tipping over and twisting it. Labour costs could be cut in half if one person operates a wheelbarrow opposed to two, and it’s easier for one person to coordinating their movements as they carry a load. Wheelbarrows quickly became an essential equipment crafted by carpenters to be sold to construction and mining companies.

The wheelbarrow has improved tremendously over thousands of years from a two person handheld carriers with no wheels to a modern lawn cart with four wheels. The increasing admiration of gardening as a hobby, combined with the aging of the world population would suggests that wheelbarrows will continue to develop in ways that will make them more adaptable and easier to use in a construction or gardening environment.

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